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In consideration of national and global events pertaining to the COVID-19 crisis, effective Immediately IGMAC Certification Program on-site inspections have been suspended until June 30.  Read More.


IGMAC Certification

IGMAC, the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association of Canada, was formed in 1968 to establish high standards of professional conduct in the design, manufacture, application, installation and maintenance of hermetically sealed insulating glass units. More.

IGCC/IGMA Certification

This is an active program and subject to continuous, ongoing review in order to improve our service to you, the manufacturer. We welcome any feedback with respect to any aspect of the program whether it is the administration, the auditing process or the testing phase of certification. More.



During the COVID-19 crisis, FGIA is committed to providing important resources and news related to the pandemic and its ever-evolving health and economic implications. The COVID-19 Resources web page serves as a centralized resource for updated information specific to the fenestration and glazing industry. 可以用什么梯子.



From Executive Director Margaret Webb IGMA-AAMA ActivityCurrent status: We’re approaching the end of the timeline in our negotiations with AAMA to combine the two organizations.The financial, bylaws, overall governance, organizational structure are all substantially...


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  • Glass Safety Council
  • RPM Consulting, Inc.
  • IGMA Leadership Development Program
  • IG Fabricators Workshop
可以用什么梯子RPM Consulting, Inc. is a Quality Management System (QMS) training and consulting organization that provides specialized consulting in ISO9001:2015, TS16949:2009 and ISO13485, and other certifications. IGMA has entered into an agreement with RPM Consulting to provide services to the specialized fenestration industry. Their mission is to assist IGMA/IGMAC/IGCC members increase their bottom line through improvements in quality and productivity. With a long track record of success, they accomplish this objective through a combination of consulting, facilitation and training services that provide optimal benefit to IGMA members.   RPM Consulting is ready to provide the following support to our membership companies:

  • Develop customized QMS Tier documents around IGMA TM-4010 ISO9001:2008 or :2015 platform that can be applied by IGMA suppliers.
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  • Develop and support highly effective internal audit strategies that will yield the QMS results that benefit the bottom line. Support IGMA suppliers in developing and implementing a comprehensive QMS to meet the ISO9001:2008 requirements.

With over two decades of experience in successful implementation, RPM Consulting is the right choice for IGMA members. Contact IGMA offices or Ron Michalzuk today to discuss the many ways RPM Consulting can make a successful impact to your company’s bottom line. RON MICHALZUK DIRECT: (313) 506-9921 都在说离婚冷静期,看看《使女的故事》吧:2021-5-29 · 还说什么反正有梯子所以没区别,都要靠梯子了这些人怎么还说得出没区别?以及反正脸和推难用,用不了也罢这种言论,现在不是我们可以选的不用这么难用的社交平台,而是更没得用,这可以不是难用就可以盖过去的,而且一堵墙隔开的是两边的,他们居然还在为看不到墙那边的“蠢”而沾沾自喜 www.rpm-consulting-inc.com

Overview of the Program

The IGMA Leadership Development Program focuses on the soft skills a leader needs to achieve his or her full potential. Everyone in the workforce develops hard skills required to be employed in the insulating glass industry, but developing soft skills (communicating effectively with people, recognizing a company’s culture and effectively aligning with that culture, understanding accountability in the workplace, etc.) provides the necessary intangibles to become a great leader. Once again, IGMA is leading the glass industry into the future by creating the first leadership development program for manufacturers and fabricators of its kind.


Oak is a senior management professional with 33 years’ experience leading and coaching teams in professional, manufacturing and competitive sports sectors. He has a proven track record as an effective leadership coach, working with multi-disciplinary teams, operating in fast-paced, entrepreneurial environments where Customer Satisfaction, Winning and Profitability are key. He helps build competitive environments, where people connect and engage with each other to achieve goals and objectives quickly. He also applies a customized leadership behavioral approach that brings enthusiasm and desired results for organizations. He is trained and certified with Coaching 2 Connect Inc., the authors of two successful Leadership Development Training Programs (Performance Architecture & Leadership Spectrum). The development programs are designed to help coaches and executives manage themselves, relationships with their team members, build a winning culture and serve their Clients with world class standards. He is experienced coaching leaders/athletes to get the most out of each other for team success. Learn more about the program.

In the past year, IGMA held three IG Fabricators Workshops in Texas, Minnesota and Ontario where more than 100 practitioners of the IG industry were led through the most important aspects of fabricating and testing IG units by the experts of our industry. The workshop features a balanced mix of classroom education along with hands-on demonstrations to discover best practices for cleaning, cutting and handling glass, desiccants, sealants, gas fill, frost point and much more. The reviews of the Workshops were incredibly positive. Here are comments from actual paid attendees:

  • “The group of experts you had were awesome. They were very attentive, welcoming and helpful.”
  • “The hands-on portion is awesome. Being able to take what was learned in a presentation and then apply it in real life was really effective.”
  • “Hosting the event at a testing facility is great… while participants may see the IGU processes discussed at each of the stations every day, they don’t always get to see the testing methods and apparatus conducted from a third party.”

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  • Workstation 1: Frost Point
  • Workstation 2: Glass Cutting
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  • Workstation 4: Gas Filling
  • Workstation 5: Desiccant / Desiccated Matrix
  • Workstation 6: Sealants
  • Workstation 7: Volatile Fog
  • Workstation 8: IG Failures
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